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About Kim Paffen

Learn about my mission, aim, and all other things you want to know!

Photographers Coach Kim Paffen

Hi, I'm Kim!

I am on a mission to travel, explore, and capture the world with love and respect for our planet. I believe that travel makes you a better person and truly enriches your life if you treat 'Mother Earth' and all its inhabitants the way you want to be treated, with love and respect! I advocate for sustainable travel and the protection of our wildlife. Together we can make the world a better place!

My aim is to:

 Inspire others to travel the world through my storytelling...

and to start planning their trip of a lifetime with my helpful destination guides and related travel articles on my sustainable travel and photography platform

Make travelers aware of responsible travel choices...

to travel better, with care for the environment and our planet, and leave nothing but footprints.

Help travel photography lovers become better photographers...

on their journey around the world by sharing photography tips, ideas, and cool photo locations to take nothing but pictures which result in the most beautiful photos to remember your travel experiences as lasting memories.

Share my wildlife images to spread awareness... 

about the critical facts some animals are facing so that it hopefully inspires others to contribute to wildlife conservation, be more aware of (un)ethical wildlife experiences, and kill nothing but time. We don't own our planet Earth, we belong to it and we have to share it with our wildlife!

Showcase destinations and brands in the tourism industry at their very best...

through my content creation, a combination of travel writing and travel photography while keeping sustainable travel in mind.

Exhibiting the beauty of our planet through my wall-art (interior decoration)

Buy fine art prints of my travel photos to decorate your interior, or use them for editorial or commercial campaigns.

Kim Paffen wildlife photographer, content creator and photography coach

About Kim, the short story

I’m Kim! A Dutch 1982-millennial travel writer, nature enthusiast and award-winning travel & wildlife photographer with a crush on Africa and its amazing wildlife.

Coffee addict, a lover of Asian food, comfortable on flip-flops, and fond of hats while traveling so that I don’t have to do my hair. Always taking the scenic route. Interested in self-development, happy when I hear the birds sing in the morning, and excited every time the sky turns in pretty colors. Committed to being a more responsible travelerwildlife enthusiast, and feeling at home on the plains of Southern and Eastern Africa.

I studied Geography teaching but ended up with bachelor's degrees in Consumer Services Management and Public Administration with a 9-5 job as a Policy Advisor at the Dutch local government.

Because it’s never too late to pursue your dreams and to live your best life, I decided to quit my job and build my own business to start doing what I love doing most and experience more freedom.

The longer version of my story

Content Creator Kim Paffen

Traveling is among the top priorities in my life!

I travel to understand the world a bit better and it has taught me the value of memories and connections over things.

When we travel, we take in the energy of each new place in a way that can transform us. Travel infuses us with new energy and increases our sense of being connected to a larger world. This energy of connection stays with us and uplifts us even after we leave. Travel enriches you more than I can explain.

People and cultures from all over the world inspire me and I love to explore the beauty our life has to offer; from amazing landscapes and breathtaking sunsets to (endangered) wildlife and inspiring people with their own unique traditions, sounds, and food.

At a younger age, I already went on vacation to European countries like Spain, Italy, and France. The first country I’ve visited outside of Europe was Thailand, followed by South Africa, where I also worked as a photography and conservation volunteer. I loved spending most of the day in the outdoors, connected to nature.

Once I got bitten by the travel bug in early 2000, I was hooked. Traveling our planet - 5 continents explored & 37 countries visited - introduces me to a wealth of different landscapes, wildlife, cultures, and amazing experiences. Memories that will last a lifetime.

Traveler and Content Creator Kim Paffen

Travel & photography proved to be a perfect match

My love for photography developed during my volunteer work in a Private Game Reserve in South Africa, where I contributed to vital conservation within the reserve, learned the basics of photography, and went on game drives to shoot wildlife images for educational initiatives.

Photography is a love affair with life and my camera is the perfect instrument of expression for me on my journey around the world.

I love to look at the surroundings in a mindful way and the experience of being behind the lens combined with the challenge of deciding how I want to capture a moment I witnessed with my own eyes.

Nowadays photography has become one of the most important reasons I travel and gives my travels an extra purpose. Therefore, you will hardly see me without a camera. 

  • I won the National Geographic photo competition of 2019;
  • Qualified as a finalist in the Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year competition in 2020;
  • Several photos have been published in magazines, for example in National Geographic Magazine, National Geographic Calendars 2020, The Telegraph (UK), (a Dutch Photography Magazine), and other travel and photography-related magazines.

Africa Travel and Wildlife Photography

Why I love Africa

Being on the plains of Southern and Eastern Africa gives me that special feeling. In Africa, I feel somehow more grounded and I'm able to connect to nature, the people, and myself.

It forces you to be in the moment because - in the bush - you don't know what the next minute will bring. Being so close to nature makes me feel alive and free!

I've visited over 10 African countries, some of them more than once and there really is something about Africa that feels like home to me. As a wildlife enthusiast and wildlife photographer I keep going back to Africa; for its nature, the people, and my love for our beautiful - and sadly endangered - wildlife!

With my wildlife images, I hope to spread awareness about the critical facts some animals are facing and that it will inspire you to contribute to wildlife conservation. The fight for our wildlife has never been more important, therefore I hope my images can be a small reminder of lives worth saving.

We don't own our planet Earth, we belong to it and we have to share it with our wildlife. 

Discover the world's most amazing places through my lens!

This Panorama on your wall?

All of my travel images are for sale as digital copies and (un)framed Fine Art Prints! A great way to decorate your interior. If you are an editor looking for specific images or commissioned work, get in touch! 

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